How to get the most out of Melissa speaking

Over the years, I’ve given dozens of presentations and during that time, I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t. Melissa Vassallo Idiens
To get the most out of your event the team has put together this list of requirements and suggestions. We ask that the person responsible for the event actively confirm that you’ll make these things happen. Here it is, in the third person, for your team.

  1. Melissa will need elevator access to the venue, and will not be able to go up a large flight of stairs.
  2. Melissa uses an iPad and or MacBook Pro laptop running Keynote software OR will provide you with a PDF version of the presentation in advance for set up. She will require a clicker or someone to assist her in moving slide to slide.
  3. Sound out may be required (please confirm). AC power should be within six feet of the computer if she is using her own laptop or iPad.
  4. Melissa needs a wireless lavalier microphone. To be specific, a clip-on blazer or dress microphone, not an earpiece, with a belt pack. She’s not able to do a good job with a wired microphone, a handheld microphone or a podium microphone.
  5. For any group more than 25 people, she needs a microphone. Please be sure that you’ve tested it on all areas of the stage for volume and for feedback.
  6. Melissa’s iPad or Laptop is controlled by a remote control that she brings with her. The laptop must be set up within sight and no more than 20 feet of the most distant point where Melissa will be standing. It usually works best to have it on a cocktail table so it can also work as a confidence monitor.
  7. Alas, Melissa can’t present her iPad or laptop to you the night before for setup and safekeeping, nor can she surrender it you the day of the event. It stays in her possession — all her work is there… However, Melissa is more than willing to work with your team on a tech check, preferably thirty to sixty minutes before she goes on stage.
  8. TIP: Groups that schedule a break right after Melissa’s presentation are usually glad they did. You get that high-energy scrum at the front of the room for people who want to say “hi” and you get conversation time as people consider what they just learned.
  9. If you’d like to interact with Melissa before the event, email is actually quicker and more effective than a conference call. Melissa can be reached at call or inquire for her cell number